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Pure PTFE board, PTFE plate, which use 100% pure PTFE teflon plate again after expansion by moulding, turning, etc. Craft. In plastic, it is commonly known as "plastics king" , it has excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, since the sealing, no touch, no scale and excellent performance.

Applicable equipment:

The reaction kettle, storage tank, valves and container liner, liner, etc.

Applicable industry:

Chemical industry, chemical fiber, petroleum refining, phosphate fertilizer, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye, coking, coal gas, organic synthesis, non-ferrous smelting, steel, atomic energy and high purity products (e.g., ionic membrane electrolysis), viscous material transportation and operation, highly strict health food, beverages and other production departments.

Applicable medium:

all the medium except  alkali metal elements and fluorine.

Pure PTFE boards, PTFE plate, PTFE plate specifications:

~ 1000 mm * 1000 mm; 600 mm * 600 mm; 500 mm * 500 mm

Pure PTFE boards, PTFE plate, PTFE plate technology parameters:

Temperature  - 196 ~ + 196 (can use for a long time)

Pressure  8.0 MPa

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